Industrial equipments need flexibility for a safe and efficient exploitation. Any pipeline submitted to temperature variation will dilate or contract, this states will influence the proper working of a factory. The same thing will happen in mechanical vibrations made by compressors, pumps, engines and turbines. The flexible connectors are used to absorb thermal dilatations, vibrations, pipe misalignments compensation, protect lubricated mobile non-metallic parts exposed to aggressive mediums, etc. SUSZI Ltd. manufactures and supplies all types of bellows and compensators used in the industry, with any mounting system, also offers consulting and on site assistance for choosing and assembling the purchased compensators.
Once fitted, the flexible compensators will successfully absorb contraction, dilatation and lateral movement caused by the temperature variations. The transmission of vibration from one equipment to another is also prevented by the compensators. The fitting procedure is simple and efficient, so the amount of time required for replacing the old isolation is very low. Because of the asbestos free materials used in the manufacturing process, the SSZ Compensators are environmental friendly. Their composition offers optimal flexibility and a long lifetime. These advantages combined with excellent thermal and chemical resistance makes the SSZ Compensators a fast and economic solution for industrial maintenance.


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